Ray J Sounds Off-On Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, & Does He Regret Putting Kim On


Ray J aired out Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian almost two weeks ago after Jenner went on The Late Late Show with James Corden” and took a polygraph test. During the test, Corden asked if she had anything to do with helping the release of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape. Jenner shook her head.

“It’s OK, but no. Oh, I like that we cleared that up,” said Jenner.

That response sparked a variety of different Instagram Live videos from Ray J and in one of them, he said, “I don’t know what the f*** you think this is, but you have f****d with the wrong person. Period … You done f****d with the wrong Black man,” he said. “I was just gonna handle this shit legally, right, and just hit you in court and get what I deserved from all of y’all being foul and trying to defame me, trying to make me look bad when YOU know what’s up.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Ray J was on Clubhouse in the 100 Ent room when Wack 100 asked him if he regrets anything because many people live differently without him.

“I mean, not it ain’t creativity listen if you got a creative idea it takes infrastructure it takes team it takes experts in each field to make s*** work, right? Yeah, great idea, right? Great idea! Now what? I’m saying like so it’s cool I can’t take no mother f***ing credit all I can do is just get my name back to where it’s supposed to be because stenches and like dirty s***I don’t even like n**** that put their hands on women and s***. I don’t like hang with n****. I love my daughter and I would never f***ing want her to ever think that about me. So, now I give a f*** and I care that’s the only thing I give a about,” said Ray J.

Wack 100 then asked him does he regret putting Kim Kardashian on.

“Listen, I don’t think about none of that shit. I think about none of that s*** like the way I look at it is different, you know what I’m saying. I look at it like this I got two kids, and I’m having a good time building my life and just minding my own f***ing business. Staying turned up and having fun every day making everybody feel good when we’re around, we all get money everybody that’s been up under me or around me or with me or anything everybody got rich everybody every f***ing body got rich everybody’s popping I could name six or seven people that don’t got anything to do with their whole family, and everybody’s f***ing right now.”

He was later asked if he thought the Kardashian Jenner family plotted on him. He replied, “I feel like there’s a lot of savages in this world ain’t no time for nobody to have a strong a** shoulder for no one to cry on. Like we all played our part. So, I’m saying I take full responsibility for the f***ed up s*** that I was doing. Whatever it was, conniving playing a role or whatever the f***. I take responsibility. They gotta take theirs, that’s it.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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