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Shane Johnson Talks About Auditioning For Chadwick Boseman’s 42 & Then Auditioned For Tommy Egan A Year Later

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This week on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr. & Gianni Paolo their guest is Shane Johnson aka Cooper Saxe in the Power Universe. During their conversation, Johnson talked about his audition process.

“I think the way I got into this the mix for this was Vicky Thomas, who cast, who’s amazing. I’m going to jump back into what I was going to say, but just to that point. Like I was I, maybe after Power had started, maybe three or four seasons in, maybe it was like year four,” said Johnson.

“I went, and I read for Vicky again, and I was like, hey, I gotta thank you for Power has been incredible, and she’s like, is that still on. She may have been joking, but it was hysterical to me because I was like, oh my god, that makes sense. Like they’re so busy they’re passing so much stuff, and she only cast the pilot. She’s like she did the pilot. That’s where her work was the concrete work, which was the foundation of the whole show. Obviously, she did incredible work, but then she passed it off, or the bring on somebody else to do the series.”

Johnson talked about auditioning for the 42 movie about Jackie Robinson with Chadwick Boseman and auditioning for Tommy Egan a year later. m

“I had auditioned for this movie with Chadwick Boseman, the 42 movie, because I play baseball, and I look like racist white dude, so when I was up for that, and I was got pretty far in the mix, so I think when Power came around maybe a year later. I think that’s how I got kind of in the mix for stuff, but like a lot of people, I auditioned for Tommy [Egan],” Johnson shared.

“So, I auditioned for Tommy, and I remember reading that the breakdown of the sides and stuff, and I was like, oh god. This really isn’t my casting, but right that s*** happens. So, you’re like, you know all right well this isn’t my sensibility, but f*** it, I’m going to throw down and do what I do. Obviously, my version of Tommy’s very different than Joe’s.”

Three weeks later, Johnson would read for the role of Greg Knox, who Andy Bean played.

“I read for that and I even I read the breakdown, there was like kind of this all-American altruistic sort of like, and I was like, this is more in my wheelhouse, but it’s still not quite, but when I got the site when I got the breakdown for Cooper Saxe I was like oh f***.

This guy’s a, you know, privileged overeducated annoying whatever I was like f***ing a this is what right this is my wheelhouse not by the way I think it’s interesting because you have to deal with your casting. “

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