Vets Whats Next Host Their Second Annual Academic Scholarship Golf Tournament

Courtesy of Vets Whats Next

On Friday morning, the nonprofit organization “Vets Whats Next” hosted a golf tournament in Oak Cliff to help raise money for scholarships and other resources to empower and support Veterans with disabilities, homeless Veterans, military personnel, and their families. The organization provides services and resources that will allow them to live and have economic stability.

Journalist Javarra Michelle could catch up with a few of the individuals running the event.

“Eric [K. King] the founder started the whole business because profitable in the veterans’ community going through what he went through. About a year and a half ago, when I had the first idea, I asked him did think about running a tournament to raise money for scholarships; he said no, and I said no problem would put one on. So, we put one on, and last year was a phenomenal tournament and our first tournament. We raised enough money to give out $10,000 in scholarship money. We might not raise that this year, but our goal is a little bit different,” said Darrell Porter, The Executive Director of Vets Whats Next.

“We are still going to finance school for kids. That’s going to happen, but now we are not only trying to create partnerships within the community but also with these corporations. So, we can make this even larger, not just the tournament but the giving. So, we know we can’t do that without partnerships and sponsors. So, our goal this year was to put on a good event.”

King added, “Vets Whats Next is a nonprofit organization that started a few years ago. To provide services, resources, benefits, jobs, and so much more to our disabled veterans. Also, those still serving in the military include our families and their children. Today we had our second annual academic scholarship golf tournament fundraiser.”

“We have this golf tournament every year to be able to raise funds, so we can give back to disabled veterans, dependence as they further their education in college. We give a scholarship for $4,000 a year and break that down to $2000 a semester. To help ease their burden on their college tuition. Vets Whats Next does so many great things outside the golf tournament we host annually. We also host an annual suicide walk prevention runathon. So, we can bring awareness to the 20-22 veterans who have taken their lives today.

Because everybody’s life is valued, everybody’s life is important. We want to let our veterans know they are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder or any mental illness and are loved. There are many resources out there that you can take advantage of. We also have an annual Thanksgiving Drive and a Christmas Drive where we like to feed out veterans and those who are homeless.”

King finished his interview with. “If you want to support Vets Whats Next nonprofit corporation, got to with a donation, volunteer work, or any way you can provide services that we can keep this great thing that we have going. Come out and join this campaign.

Vets Whats next will be hosting their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas drives later this year.

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