Cyril Gane Accused Of Cheating In UFC Win

Number one heavyweight contender Ciryl Gane secured a third-round knockout victory against Tai Tuivasa at UFC Paris, but not without being called out for possibly cheating in order to win.

Yes, the hometown hero marked the UFC’s debut in France with a befitting performance, but someone was very quick to point out that Gane should not be in celebration as they think Ciryl did just about everything within the realm of cheating to make the win possible.

Junior dos Santos is the person in question who felt that the Frenchman landed an illegal blow to the back of Tuivasa’s head en route to finishing the Australian. He tweeted his disappointment, accompanied by a video that showed ‘Bon Gamin’ landing a blow to the back of his opponent’s head during the final sequence of the bout.

Junior stated the following about the situation: “Que cara sujo esse Gane De novo batendo na nuca, o que esses “especialistas” vão dizer agora? What a dirty fighter this Gane is Again hitting the back of the head Nad now what are those “fight experts” will say about it? @ufc @danawhite”

The former heavyweight champion’s distaste stems from his own experience against Ciryl Gane at UFC 256. ‘Bon Gamin’ landed an elbow on the back of dos Santos’ head, which ultimately led to a finish for the Frenchman. While ‘Cigano’ immediately protested the stoppage, he was not entertained by the referee.

The fight proved to be the Brazilian’s last in the UFC. The fighter’s team has filed an appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to overturn the result to a no-contest or disqualification but is yet to find closure on the matter.

Even though Junior feels a different way about how the fight went, the two men (Ciryl and Tai) showed their appreciation for one another at the end of the fight.

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