Power Book III’s Juke Box Finally Meets Her Mother Kenya Pierce In Season Two Episode 4


Juke Box goes by her mother’s house in episode 4 and rings the doorbell.  Kenya Pierce answers asked is someone there, and Juke Box says LaVerne. Pierce replies LaVerne Thomas?

Juke Box find a picture of here mother with a bunch of kids in it. Pierce comes into the room with juice and see her daughter looking at the picture and says, ” I volunteer with the youth group at my church. They’re wonderful kids. I’d love for you to meet them sometime. Only if you want to.”

Juke thanks her for the drink and then Pierce asked how’s Marvin?

He’s Marvin, said Juke Box.

Kenya: I moved to have you in my home, to put my eyes on you. I don’t know what to say. Once I saw you at my church…

Juke Box: Why did you leave me?

Kenya: You jump right in don’t you?

Juke Box: I wasn’t even a year old, and you just bounced. I want to know why?

Kenya :I was young LaVerne. Not much younger than you are right now. All of a sudden. I had a new baby and a man I wasn’t sure about. I was scared. So, I did what scared children do. I ran away. I went to Los Angeles thinking I’d become some… Famous finger. Once, I was rich, I was going to comeback and get you. But, it didn’t workout how I planned. Instead I got catch up with the wrong things and the wrong people, by the time I looked up, ten years had passed by, and I figured popping back up in your life. Would be worse than leaving it in the first place.

It wouldn’t of been worse

God is so great LaVerne cause he brought you back to me. Right here right now. And know I don’t deserve you, but somewhere in his grace, he decided that a child should be reunited with her mother. And that you should be with me. I’m not asking forgiveness, I’m asking for a chance.

Juke Box would later tell Raq that she met with her mother and Raq is per Raq turned it negative saying she thought to come find you? Just because your blood with somebody doesn’t me they deserve to be in you life.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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