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Brandon Flowers Kicks Joy Division Fan Out Of Show

Brandon Flowers of The Killers should not be taken as soft, even if his last name is of that nature. At a recent show, Brandon and the band stopped mid-song to ensure that a fan was removed.

Not only did Brandon Flowers not stand for the actions caused by the fan, but the rest of the band looked incredibly annoyed as well. With Brandon and the rest of the band on board with getting the fan out of the arena, the rest of the crowd jumped in to boo the fan.

In the video, in which you can see below, Brandon and the rest of the band are stopped during ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine,’ and you could easily tell the annoyance on the face of Flowers. With one hand on his hip, slumped down, and one hand on the microphone, Brandon started speaking to the fan.

Brand stated: “Get this guy out of here. He’s in a Joy Division shirt. Get him out of here. He’s on acid or something. He needs to chill out. Get him out of here. This guy. This guy with the long hair.”

The fan was then surrounded by security guards and taken away from the show. While the fan was being attended to, Brandon Flowers closed his statements to the fan with saying: “Alright, alright, where were we? Verse one?” as the band got back into the swing of the show.

Comments began to flood YouTube as the video was posted up. Many fans are on the side of Brandon Flowers and The Killers for ensuring that the show was a safe place for everyone who was there to have a good time. This is not the first or last time such an incident will happen, but it was handled perfectly.

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