Why the NFL is Better Than College Football

The NFL is the premier league in American sports, and for many fans, it’s the preferred sport to watch. College football has long been the “second-best” option for sports fans, but the gap between the leagues has become smaller and smaller over time. The main reason for this is that the NFL offers a much better product than college football. This can be best illustrated by comparing the quality of play in each league.

There are many reasons why the NFL is better than college football. The popularity of the NFL has increased dramatically over the past few decades and this has had a big impact on both its fame and profitability. The fact that there are so many people watching each game means that TV networks can charge much more money for the rights to each match.

Victories in the Past

Teams in the NFL compete against each other to make the playoffs. When a team does proceed, they face a much tougher opponent. In college football, teams can play each other over and over again, but the competition is not as fierce. No one likes watching their favorite team lose every week. College football fans have to sit through long boring stretches of play that have nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

A few years ago, some small colleges were able to beat NFL teams on a regular basis. But since then, professional teams have become much better than college ones. If they lose to a small school, they know that they will be booed mercilessly by their fans. So there is no incentive for them to put in an all-out effort against an inferior opponent.

Team Rules

While the NFL and college football has many similarities, there are also some key differences. Both sports feature large, organized teams playing regularly, the NFL is played under more rigid rules than college football. In addition to the size of an NFL team, another fact to note is the salary cap.

This rule limits how much each team can spend on player salaries each season to encourage competitive balance. College football, however, does not have any salary caps or restricted spending limits. The NFL also features more sophisticated and highly trained athletes.

While college players may be starting as young as 15 years old, professional players in the NFL must wait until at least 21 years old before being able to compete in games. Both professional and college players are subject to concussion awareness and prevention programs to ensure that they are healthy throughout their careers.

Football Timeframes

The NFL has a time limit on the duration of games. The Super Bowl, for example, is only one-and-a-half hours long. The NCAA, however, has no time limit. College football games can average around three and a half hours.

 This means that a professional NFL game lasts about half the time of a college game. College football is played for just nine months per year and has no postseason while the NFL has a much broader appeal. Fans can watch games on TV and in stadiums at any time of day.


NFL Player Incentives

The NFL also offers players more opportunities to make money. They can get endorsements, they can be paid more by teams, and they can make much higher salaries when they get drafted into the NFL. College football players have to rely on scholarship money (if they’re lucky), so they have less financial flexibility than NFL players do. There are also other benefits such as:

  • The NFL is much more popular than college football.
  • Stadiums are bigger and better than college stadiums.
  • NFL teams are more likely to win than college players are.
  • Players have a lot more experience playing organized football than college players do.
  • Players have a higher chance of getting drafted by an NFL team and/or getting signed by an NFL team as free agents than college players do.

Halftime Shows

There are many differences between the two types of shows. College teams usually have around 90 minutes to prepare for their halftime show, whereas NFL teams have just 30 minutes. NCAA games typically feature a marching band and drumline, while NFL games feature a dramatic performance by an entertainer.

During halftime, a popular performer in the NFL is often seen as a big deal. Having a well-known artist on hand can increase attendance and boost television ratings.

Professional and Casual Football

NFL players are trained for their specific position, whereas college football players can be in a variety of positions. College players usually have more raw physical skills than NFL players, but also have to learn how to play together as a team. One key difference between the professional and college game is the size of the field. College fields are typically 80 yards wide by 60 yards deep while NFL fields are 90 yards wide by 53 yards deep.

This makes it difficult for college teams to run out of patterns on the field. This means that they must have more yardage before they can begin their pattern. The NFL also has more complex rules, such as moving the ball back after a forward pass or after a forward pass bounces off the ground. So even if a college team is playing against an inferior team with less size and skill, it will have a chance to score points because of stricter rules in the NFL.


Overall, college football is a very good league. The talent level is very high, and there are some great coaches running teams. However, due to the shorter length of games (and the fact that they have to play more games per season), college is not as well-paced as the NFL. In addition, Playing on turf fields is harder compared to playing on grass fields in other sports.

The field conditions affect how well teams play, and it’s difficult for each team’s stadium to accommodate all fans. Stats are everything and if you are a firm believer of the sport, you will follow your favorite teams till the end. The NFL odds do not lie and show exactly how these boys perform on a regular basis. Knowing who the leading men are will always make for an interesting conversation with like minded fans.

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