Was T.I. Slated To Play Davis MacLean Over Power Book II: Ghost’s Method Man?

Method Man says it boggles his mind how new generation rappers can make so much money (Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Over the last two years, defense lawyer Davis MacLean [played by Method Man] has become a favorite character in the hit series Power Book: II Ghost. But according to Gianni Paolo, who plays Brayden Weston in the Starz drama, another A-list rapper was originally in the role of the Wu-Tang clan rapper.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Paolo revealed that 50 Cent first chose T.I. to play the role of MacLean, before replacing it with methamphetamine, possibly due to an alleged beef.

“I heard this is a rumor; I can’t confirm,” Paolo said. “T.I. was supposed to play Method Man’s character. I don’t know if there was beef or something happened, but he never ended up playing him, and Meth was Davis MacLean.”

Paolo’s co-star, Michael Rainey, confirmed Gianni’s rumor that the casting had occurred.

“Early in the production before we started filming.” Paolo said, “We showed up to set, and Method was there. They didn’t tell us.”

When asked if T.I. would have done a better job of representing McLean, Paolo and Rainey wasted no time standing up for their co-star.

“No shot,” they agreed. 

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Written by Landon Buford

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