Cleveland Browns defensive back Jabrill Peppers sits on the bench after losing to the New Orleans Saints in the second half of play. Joshua Gunter,

Fans Mistake Cleveland Browns Passing Around Sunflower Seeds For Weed

A player from the Browns’ recent preseason game against the Bears had a bag of sunflower seeds that many fans took for weed. It’s causing quite a reaction on social media.

Cleveland cornerback Martin Emerson was caught whipping his midgame snack, a bag of harmless seeds to eat while the defense waited on the sidelines. This video clearly shows that Emerson is carrying the delightful treat.

When the video was frozen, however, a close-up of the photo seemed to suggest that the snack was anything but that. A grainy and hilarious movie tricked a number of fans into thinking Emerson was actually carrying a bag of weed. The response from social media has been fantastic.

Browns are an easy target with NFL fans looking to take pictures whenever possible. And that’s what happened this week-end with Emerson and his sunflower seeds.

Take a look at the immediate reaction on social media that fans actually believed that the defender had a Ziplock full of pot on the sidelines.

The Browns will prepare for their first game within the next few weeks. This will certainly not be the last time NFL fans watch to cast a shadow on Cleveland.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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