Per Podcaster Brown’s Myles Garrett Says ‘Say, Less,’ When He Heard The News Involving Rams’ Aaron Donald

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Three years ago, Myles Garrett was suspended for six games after swinging Mason Rudolph’s helmet in one game. This precedent could soon become vital, as the video emerged from the joint practice of the Rams and Bengals of Aaron Donald doing the same thing.

Although scuffles are common during training camp, particularly during joint practices, swinging a helmet goes a bit far. Donald seemed to end up with two helmets, one in each hand, amid the madness and was eventually tackled to the ground.

Warren Sharp recorded the video and shared it via Twitter with the caption, “keep ya head on a swivel.”

James Palmer added, “Aaron Donald uses an opponent’s helmet as a weapon and you can actually hear him hit another player. This is out of control.”

Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald will not face any NFL action for his behavior in joint practices with the Bengals, but solely because the NFL does not have jurisdiction over joint practices, according to Pro Football The outlet would also report that they confirmed that franchises are responsible for overseeing players’ conduct in training camps, including joint practices.

On Thursday afternoon, football analyst Ahmad Rashad Hawkins hosted a Twitter Space on Twitter Spaces to discuss the what happened on in Rams and Bengals practice involving Donald. During the conversation a Twitter user by the name of The Breath Through Podcast.

“As much as I would say if we are going to keep it a hundred. As much as I would love to say that AD [Aaron Donald] should get suspended, I mean s*** by the way they got in the freaking rule book, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to get suspended,” said Breath Through at the 1:59:17 mark.

“I’m looking at it like, well, damn, if that is the case, we all know they aren’t going to suspend him. The best thing I can see coming from this is the NFL probably goes up to the Rams and says we have to make it seem like we care about concussions.”

“So, we will see just fine him $50k or something and call it a day…I got Myles [Garrett] on speed dial. I just sent him the video, and he asked if they would suspend him. I said Nah. He said, ‘say less,’ and I know what I’m doing next time I get pissed off at practice. Anytime they want to randomly drug test me without my sleeves on.”

It was first reported by’s Ian Rapoport earlier this year that Donald reconstructed his deal for three years worth $95 million with the Rams.

The Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl this past February.

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Written by Landon Buford

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