Megan Thee Stallion Slams Carl Crawford For Hanging With 18 Year Old Girls

Earlier this month, Houston native Megan The Stallion demanded $1 million from her label 1501 Certified Entertainment owned by former baseball great Carl Crawford.

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE Magazine, lawyers for the Hot Girl Summer artist requested $1 million relief from the record company after pretending his last two albums, Something for Thee Hotties and Traumazine. Per Stallion, she feels that she has fulfilled her contract obligations.

According PEOPLE Magazine, Attorneys for Megan did not answer when the outlet reached out for comment.

“Over the past two (2) years, Pete and 1501 shared a long and tortured history of disputes with each other concerning Pete’s recording agreement, including the unconscionability of the agreement in its original form, as well as disputes concerning the release of Pete’s music,” the complaint reads.

“The two have been able to resolve some of the disputes through the issuance of multiple temporary restraining orders against Defendants from this Court,” the attorneys added. “But a new dispute has arisen requiring further assistance from the Court.”

On Wednesday morning, according to Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram page Stallion put Carl Crawford on blast.

“When the hate don’t work they just start saying anythingggg laughing emoji like who is ask anybody? All them 18 year old girls that you hanging with at 42? Cause they damn sure ain’t gone know me either.”

She would later added in another tweet, “im done responding yawn emoji stop bringing up where I’m from and bring me my MONEY gn internet.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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