Malcolm ‘Lou-Lou Thomas’ Mays Names His Favorite Character On Raising Kanan, Says London Brown & MeKai Curtis Has Most Character Development In Season Two


On Saturday afternoon, Malcolm Mays was on Instagram interacting with the fans of Raising Kanan and answering questions ahead of the season two premiere.

During the question and answer session, he was asked who was his favorite character from the show and who had the best character development.

“I actually really enjoy Quincy Brown’s character Crown [Camacho]. He is annoying and a terrible human being in the show, but he is so fun to watch, but the most character development will have to go between Hailey Kilgore’s character [LaVerne “Jukebox” Ganner], which she plays beautifully, and Patina Miller’s [Raquel Thomas]. That was the first season, but this season I gotta give it to little bro, Mekai [Curtis] playing Kanan & London Brown playing my brother Marvin. They have the most character development to me personally,” said Mays.

In a recent interview, London Brown spoke about his character’s transition from season one to season two.

“From season one to see the two, we’re going to see Marvin start to deal with his internal demons. We’ll start digging into why and how Marvin became who he is and that sort of thing. So, how I like to describe it is we’re going to be just pulling back more layers of Marvin and, as I said, get a better grasp on who Marvin is past the nice outfits and fresh haircut.”

In an interview with, MeKai Curtis talks about how his character was able to reflect what he did at the end of season one.

“He’s had a little time to sit and really reflect on his actions the last few months, few episodes, more so than he’s had enough time to ever before. He’s been sent away for everything to really shut down, slow down, relax,” said Curtis.

You can catch Raising Kanan every Sunday night on Starz at 8 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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