Wack 100 Reacts To Spurs Champ Stephen Jackson Visiting O’Block In Chi-Town

Last month ex-NBA veteran Stephen Jackson took a trip to O Block in Chicago, Illinois. Some may be familiar with the location, but for those that aren’t, O’ Block is a block at South Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, considered the most hazardous area in Chicago.

The Spurs NBA champion decided to ‘checked in’ with in the region and went live on social media as he was hanging out with some local youth who apparently represented O-Block.

The ex-NBA vet seemed delighted with visiting the area and even boasted about being able to do so while others could not.

“One thing about it, if you a real one, you don’t mind checkin’ in,” Jackson said. “I’m on O-Block…I couldn’t be out here in Chicago and not tap in with the real ones. That’s why I’m the realest. I’m out here, on the block. With my jewelry on, n***! You can’t come out here if you don’t check in with the locals. I don’t give a f*** what block you go to; if from there ain’t on the block, you not welcome. F*** you mean! We do this s*** the G way! We under the old law, not the new law…I pull up and take pictures, and y’all not allowed to.”

Recently on Clubhouse, Wack 100 decided to speak on Jackson recent visit to O-Block in Chi-Town.

“Oh, he is burnt out for that. I don’t know what he was trying to do with that. I think if he had gone over there, which he probably did,” said Wack.

“I can’t say he did or didn’t, but the homie pretty good people. I think if he had shown himself having a conversation with the youngster on some positive, it would have been looked at differently, but he didn’t. They were literally in the background wilding out, but I really believe he had that conversation. It just wasn’t recorded, but then again, he might not have.”

Jackson was recently seen at the New York City Point Gods documentary on Showtime premiere.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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