Actor Sheldon Bailey Shares How A Game Of 21 With Shaq Turned Into A Dunk On You Challenge On Set In Miami

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Hall of Famer and Miami Heat legend Shaquille O’Neal has been in numerous commercials, including one where a completive game 21 broke out.

In a recent interview with, actor Sheldon Bailey talked about competitiveness between sports body doubles and the individuals they are shadowing in these commercials. He shared that guys are typically pretty chill on set. However, it got pretty competitive between him and Shaq.

“Not really usually; people are pretty relaxed on set. Every once in a while, like Shaq and me, that’s the most competitive. Shaq and I were on set in Miami, and we were playing 21, then it turned into a lightweight one-on-one game. Then we had a dunk on you challenge where we both tried to dunk on each other,” said Bailey.

Was Bailey able to dunk on the Diesel?

“Listen, I swear, I had Shaq. The ball is the hoop. My hand is on the rim, and he shoves me out of the air so hard. I’m like, Shaq bro, he’s like what? So, the first one I put on everything blocked his dunk, right? So, I blocked the dunk, and he’s like it’s my turn again. I’m like, naw, it’s my turn, so he gets the ball and goes up, and I got up. He puts his forearm into my chest. I have never been hit with that type of force, and it stopped my whole jump and cocked that thing back dunk it,” said Bailey.

“It made the whole rafters shake, cameras everything people was like what was that they were like Shaq just dunk on someone. It was dope because I got to feel the Shaq attack. If was like the dunk Shaq did on David Robinson where he thought had a chance in the All-Star game.”

If you are not familiar Bailey’s work was recently a body double for Zion Williamson and has worked with LeBron James in the past.

Speaking of Shaq, he used to pour hot water on Jordan’s so he could get them to fit, according to Complex.

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Written by Landon Buford

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