Report Says Brock Lensar Leaving Smackdown Relates To Vince McMahon Retirement Announcement

Brock Lesnar was supposed to return to WWE SmackDown on Friday night, but he reportedly left the show immediately after Vince McMahon retired

Build up next week’s monster show of SummerSlam. It was a great time for him to show up and start getting things fully set for another match with Roman Reigns.

However, the WWE world was shocked on Friday afternoon with CEO and President Vince McMahon who retired at 77 years old. And now it looks like it’s affecting Lesnar and his presence on SmackDown.

Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer and Sports Illustrated was the first to point out that Lesnar “left” SmackDown. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful followed that he heard the same, noting that his sources told him that Lesnar had left because he was “Pissed Off”.

Alvarez would give an update,  Lesnar reportedly said, in regards to Vince’s retirement, something akin to “if he’s gone, I’m gone” before leaving SmackDown.

While these are two of the most reliable sources for pro wrestling rumors’ and news, it’s certainly vague in terms of details. We don’t know if Brock Lesnar “is leaving” it’s him coming out of tonight’s show or leaving for the moment. Or it could be even more serious—we just don’t have any specifics.

What is certain is that it will surely throw SmackDown and WWE into some disarray. Lesnar’s comeback was the main selling point of the Friday night episode and now that seems not to happen. It’s going to be interesting to see how they recover.

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Written by Nick White

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