Magic’s Paolo Banchero & Jazz’ Donovan Mitchell Give Each Other Buckets

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The number one pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, Paolo Banchero by the Orlando Magic has been in New York. He participating in Chris Brickley’s Black Op runs. The former Duke forward can be seen giving that work to Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell is not exactly an All-Defense player, but his lack of skill on the defensive end was thoroughly exposed by Banchero on that particular occasion.

Banchero was giving Donovan Mitchell buckets on the offensive end in the video above.

It wasn’t like Mitchell was trying to take it easy on the Banchero on the defensive end of the floor.

You can see how serious the jazz star was in trying to stop the 19-year-old from scoring on him on multiple occasions. In all these instances, or at least in those seen in the edited video, Banchero proved unstoppable. Rookie Magic took out all his arsenal, and it seemed that Mitchell was the rookie here against an experienced veteran.

In the two clips that followed Mitchell can be seen putting an offensive clinic against Banchero and the rest of the guys on his team.

Speaking of Mitchell, recently Daniel Artest shared that Mitchell won’t move the needle for the New York Knicks.

“I don’t think they should go after Donovan Mitchell, to be honest. I think the Knicks should stand-pact with their team. They are finally becoming a viable franchise. Making great moves, great draft picks and developing their young talent. I don’t think they need to blow it up for a guard that’s 6 feet 1 that shoots a lot,” said Artest.

The Knicks are looking to par Mitchell along with Jalen Brunson in their backcourt and be part of the franchise future moving forward.

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Written by Landon Buford

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