Courtney Kemp Told Daniel Bellomy & Mary J. Blige That Monet Tejada Was Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross’s Mother Before First Table Read, Says Bellomy


This week’s guest on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo was Daniel Bellomy. They discussed numerous topics, including when he was told that Monet Tejada was Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross’s mother. So she [Courtney Kemp] told me Monet was his [Zeke] mom like the first table read. She came up to me and Mary [J. Blige] and she was like, okay, you’re his mom. So she told us the the secret on the first day,” said Bellomy.

“So but a lot of people even in the cast didn’t even know that was that until [the table read or episode nine of last season] because I wasn’t telling nobody. I wanted to kind of keep that sort of contained, so I could focus on the given circumstance and not be trying to, I guess, get ahead of myself in that regard.”

Unfortunately for Zeke Cross, Monet and the rest of the family hid a lot from him. He didn’t know about his life. Cross did not find out that Monet was his mother and not his aunt until episode eight of season 2 of Ghost. His half-sister and not his cousin Diana Tejada delivered the news at the dinner table in front of the whole family.

The actor who plays Diana Tejada, LaToya Tonodeo shared via Instagram Live while chatting with the creator of Power Courtney Kemp, that the episode eight’s dinner scene took two days to film.

“We shot it over two days Shana [Stein] was not playing. There was this one part that people don’t know; originally, when we did our coverage, Mary J. Blige [Monet Tejada] was actually seated. So, when they went to her coverage, she decided to lunge; she told Woody McClain [Cane Tejada], yeah, I’m going to lunge at her; I had no idea. So, when she jolted up and at me,” said Tonodeo.

“Let me tell you; I was really low-key nervous. I was like, whoa, and went towards my dad to save me. She threw the napkin, and you all didn’t catch it visually; it went on my face, and I was trying to move it. It was the most fun, and we literally fed off each other we weren’t playing. Everyone in that room brought it the energy; it was literally the nuclear dinner. Like it was written in our arc, the nuclear dinner. It was the best. I love that scene.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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