Clippers’ Jerry West Reveals Michael Jordan As His Favorite Player


NBA Summer League is going on in Vegas right now, which means all the NBA brass is in attendance evaluating rookie talent, and potential trade options are being floated around.

The Logo Jerry West was at Summer League and was asked who his favorite player was and named Michael Jordan.

“Probably my favorite player of all-time was Michael Jordan,” he said. “A lot of other incredible players I know and frankly been involved with. But to me he epitomizes what I think is great in a basketball player.”

West then explained how Jordan’s ability to excel at both ends of the court, points in the fourth quarter, and win many games made him No. One on the list.

“Someone who can play both ends of the court,” West continued. “His teams win. In the last quarter, he’s going to be there. More importantly, I love Michael like a brother. You get a chance to spend some time with him… he never changes. And that’s why I like him.”

That sense is shared by many other NBA legends. The choice of West also adds a score for Jordan in the interminable Jordan vs. LeBron debate.

Portland Trailblazer guard Damian Lillard agrees.

“My NBA GOAT is Michael Jordan,” Lillard said. “It’s just different when you talk about MJ. On the floor, it’s just never been nobody like him. Nobody electrified the crowd like him. The Air Jordan shoe, rocking the cradle, walking in the air, you know, it’s Jordan. … I don’t think it’s too much of a debate as far as who’s the GOAT, and I would say it’s Jordan.”

Lillard added, “Bron, that’s definitely a conversation to be had, but I think most people will look at Jordan as the GOAT.”

Dame gave LeBron his flowers, but it’s clear which side of the fence Lillard’s sitting on.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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