Wack 100 Reacts to R. Kelly Receiving 30 Years in Prison

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Singer & songwriter R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison today due to decades of allegations of sexual assault.

This past year, after a six-week trial with 45 witnesses in a courtroom in Brooklyn, a jury found him guilty of racketeering and violating an anti-trafficking law known as Mann’s act, according to CNN.

Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said at the time, Kelly masterminded a scheme to “target, groom and exploit girls, boys, and women.”

On Wednesday evening, Wack 100 was on Clubhouse in the 100 ENT room and shared his thought on the R. Kelly’s verdict.

“Listen, what’s crazy is that what they did utilize the law. They piled up a bunch of s*** that they knew any jury in the world would convict. And what they did was they overlooked because the one thing I remember watching that Surviving R. Kelly s***; I remember the parents of one of the girls outside. I think they were from Chicago or somewhere, and they said she wouldn’t leave. They were like, well, is he holding her against her will? They were like no. She doesn’t want to go. Well, now I’m asking myself, well s***, if she can walk out and won’t walk out, what is the n*** doing wrong? Right? On some real s***, I hate to say it, and I have to say it because some of us men can relate when it’s in reverse; I just think he was d***ing them down real good they didn’t want to go,” said Wack 100.

“I’m talking about the ones of age because even the ones that they said were underage, I don’t know if the parents were giving consent or if they were in a state where that was what it was. Because wasn’t one of the girls sixteen or seventeen [legal age in Illinois is 18]. I remember hearing 17, and I was like, aw man, that n*** tripping. They were like, Wack, that’s the legal age, and now we come down to some moral s***. I wouldn’t do that. Why is he doing that?”

They mentioned that allegedly R Kelly was transporting these girls to a state where it was legal from him to fool around with them.

“See he couldn’t do that because your identification has to match that statement. See at that time if you take a female from Illinois at sixteen and lets just say [I’m using this as an example] and Ohio it’s sixteen, and you drive that female down there unless you got the parents consent to even leave with you that a minor. So, when get to Ohio you can say we can f*** now. No her ID, school ID, her resident all says she’s from Illinois,” said Wack.

“See what they did with the adults they used to give an impact statement. Even though there are no charges, I was from this age to this age, and this long. It did this, so I don’t know how many women got on the stand on that n***. I will be real; I will tell you why I don’t feel sorry for the n***. That n*** got an extra run because we all know when he got caught pissing on that minor. He was supposed to get up on out of here. He manipulated that s*** and still got how many years after that? He was free?”

Wack would say that R. Kelly got an extra 15-20 years of freedom when they should have locked him up for that incident with a minor.

According to PEOPLE, Gerald Griggs represented several victims and shared that his clients were pleased with today’s verdict.

“It’s been a long journey for many of the accusers and their family members,” Griggs says. “My clients have been fighting since 2017, and some others have been fighting for 20 years. Today, the voices of black women were heard loud and clear. This is a process to achieve justice, and they are eagerly awaiting sentencing – as well as his three other trials. Today, justice was served for Robert Sylvester Kelly.” 

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Written by Byron Nelson

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