Mario F***ed Over Omarion in Verzuz Battle, Says Wack 100

Mario and Omarion during MTV Spring Break 2005 – March 9, 2005 at The City in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. (Photo by Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic)

Last week there was a Verzuz Battle between Omarion & Mario, and before the battle began, Mario brought out Omarion’s former B2K groupmates following the energy Omarion threw Mario’s way.

Before he brought out his brother O’Ryan for an embarrassing moment to eat watermelons, Omarion elected to diss Mario for being part of The Millenium Tour. Mario would respond by claiming he didn’t “wanna be in that raggedy s***.”

Their Verzuz Battle would go ten rounds would features hits from Omarion such as O,” “Touch,” and “Ice Box,” meanwhile Mario came with hits such as Let Me Love You,” “Just A Friend,” and “Come With Me.”

If ask social media who won? Some will say Mario defeated Omarion in his Verzuz with his studio-quality voice, without error. While some say that Omarion got it with choreographic talents and performance.

Reactions to Omarion’s singing were flying left and right by fans and viewers who blamed his problems for his “lack of voice capability” rather than technology.

During O’s songs, he seemed to have had problems with his headset as he explained several times and apologized to the crowd for any offline notes.

After the Verzuz Battle, Wack 100 and Hitmaka were on Clubhouse in the Verzuz After Party room and shared their opinion of the match-up between Mario and Omarion.

“N*** told me that Mario smoked Omarion,” said Hitmaka.

Wack added, “everybody keep telling me that, the n**** in the car looking at it, they said he F*** Over Omarion. He said Omarion was trying to sing raw and couldn’t do it. And they said the n*** ate a watermelon [during] the first song.”

They weren’t the only ones criticizing Omarion, his former B2K group members were doing the same.

 In a ten post message that has now been deleted according to Vibe Magazine, J-Boog wrote “This thing we call B2K was never the Omarion show,” he started. “It was more like a circus and each guy brought a special attraction and collectively it was fun to watch. Watching you only let’s me know that you were not really paying attention to what was making you Omarion because without us around it’s clear you can’t tap back into him. You look lost, almost like you looking for us to feed off. You are a fame hog and that got the best of you.”

He added, “Fame is a hell of a drug I know when we were together as a group you wanted to be the most famous aka the most favorite…but that wasn’t case. Fizz and Boog were the favorites. And you couldn’t understand that because you sung all the leads (by old school group design) but the guy who only talked on the track and in interviews (ME) and the other guy who rapped on our singles (FIZZ) were getting more love than you…Chris Brown took your career and Bow Wow just took your tour.”

Raz-B released a document stating that Omarion was no longer a member of B2K. Raz wrote in an Instagram post,“ Omarion you been out the group bruh, it’s amazing how you think everybody f**** with you.”

Lil Fizz added, “Sorry I’m late to the POST & DELETE PARTY @boogie_p & @razb_b2k , been at my son basketball tournament all morning. Shout out my lil one #1 @air_killakam . But check it, I ain’t deleting shit,,,, for what ?🤷🏽‍♂️ This shit fun and games but if it’s Smoke 💨 then it’s Smoke.”

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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