Lakers’ Russell Westbrook Claps Back At FS1’s Skip Bayless

On Thursday night, The Los Angeles Lakers drafted Michigan State guard Max Christie with No. 35 overall pick in the second round. After he was selected, FS1’s Skip Bayless went on Twitter to expose a flaw in Christie’s play and what it means for the Lakers.

Bayless denounced Christie’s ability to shoot the 3-ball by saying his 32% 3-percentage point corresponds well with the bad shot the Lakers possessed last season.

Christie will try to prove that Bayless is wrong about his promising NBA career.

Adding he would fit right in LeBron and Westbrick. [Russell Westbrook].

The former MVP caught word of what Bayless shared on Twitter and responded, “Yoooo… watch your mouth. Don’t say anything here you wouldn’t say to my face.”

Last season, Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina Westbrook, called out Skip Bayless for blocking her on Twitter.

She saw his attempt to erase her from his reality so he would feel more comfortable criticizing the Lakers’ guard frequently. It was a legitimate criticism, except that Bayless hadn’t blocked her, as she later admitted.

Even so, Nina Westbrook used that as a starting point in her other questions about how her husband and family are treated.

I’m tired you you

“Skip Bayless calling my husband out of his name. It is extremely childish. That is my name as well, and many other peoples name. You’re disrespectful, and I’m extremely offended by your behavior. You should apologize.”

After the Lakers lost to the Spurs during the regular season, Russell Westbrook had enough.

“I a hundred percent stand behind my wife and how she feels because it’s not just about this year. Right now, she’s reached a point, and my family has reached a point where it’s weighing on them. And it’s very unfortunate just for me personally because it’s just a game. This is just a game. This is not the end-all, be-all. And when it comes to basketball, I don’t mind the criticism of missing and making shots. But the moment it becomes where my name is getting shamed, it becomes an issue. I’ve let it go in the past just because it never bothered me, but it hit me the other day, honestly. Me and my wife were at teacher-parent conference for my son, and the teacher told me she’s like, “Noah, he’s so proud of his last name. He writes it everywhere. He writes it on everything,” said Westbrook.

“He tells everybody. He walks around and says, “I’m Westbrook. Westbrook, that’s my last name.” And I sat there in shock. And it hit me, like damn, I can no longer allow people – for example,  Westbrick is now shaming. It’s like shaming my name. It’s my legacy for my kids. It’s a name that means more, not just to me but to my wife; my mom and my dad paved the way for me. And that’s just one example. I mean, that kind of hit myself and my wife in a place where it’s not great, man. And I think I often let it slide, but it’s now time to put a stop to that and put it on notice there is a difference, and we need to make sure it’s understood. And every time I do hear it now, I will make sure that I address it and make sure that I nip that in the bud.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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