Ghost Is Dead Period & There’s More Story To Tell, Says Courtney Kemp

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This week on “The Crew Has It” Podcast with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo. In the promotional clip for Tuesday episode Paolo and Rainey Jr asked the creator of the Power Universe if Ghost is really dead.

She replied, “I’ll answer this way, he’s dead, period, and there is more story to tell. So, that’s the issue is like will that story ever be told I don’t know, but he is dead, and there’s more story to tell,” says Kemp.

“But, here’s the other thing there was no Ghost R.I.P. like asset right there was no I mean literally okay so so you guys at home the rip assets that they used to do after people died. That was like a Starz promotional thing, we don’t have anything to do with that that’s something that’s separate like we repost them so you think [he’s alive], [but] they just didn’t make one. I have been dealing with this question for a hundred years because these fools just [because] they didn’t make the asset. And they were like well there was no funeral and I’m like well were going to show the funeral in Ghost. [Not in the original Power] So we did do the funeral.”

She added, “We didn’t show a body for everyone we didn’t show Lela Loren [Angela Valdes] we did a lot of closed caskets.”

Make sure checkout Raising Kanan dropping August 14 and also check out her new projects over at Netflix when they drop because she revealed on the podcast that can’t say actually what’s she doing, but she did say she developing content with a lot of female leads.  

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Written by Landon Buford

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