Power’s Felipe Lobos Was Above The Law Says, Enrique Murciano


On this week’s episode of Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo had Enrique Murciano, who played Felipe Lobos.

Felipe Lobos was a high-profile Mexican drug dealer. He is a primary antagonist in the universe of Power, serving as one of the principal antagonists of Power and a posthumous antagonist in Power Book II: Ghost.

He runs the Lobos cartel. He was Ghost’s ex-boss and primary supplier. Lobos was the dominant antagonist of Season 1 and a key antagonist of Season 2 and 3. He’s the post-humous antagonist for season four of the original Power.

He was killed by Ghost and Tommy in the woods after they helped him escape from government custody before they could find out that Mike Sandoval was the mole in the United State Justice Department.

During his appearance, Enrique Murciano revealed how he landed the role of Felipe Lobos on Power.

“This show Power, right? When this show came to me, I hadn’t worked in years. I’m older than you guys, so I hadn’t worked in years and years, and years. Been around done that, they have done me. I’m done. You see how I’m sitting. I have been done every which way. I lived in LA and had the pool, the dog that barked when everybody went by. When they go by, that’s Enrique Murciano from… That’s his house, and one day I said f*** it and moved to the middle of nowhere and bought a farm,” said Murciano.

“Let my bear grow and not work unless I get to work with people, who are on the same trip and vibe as me. I don’t work for a long time, I smoked a lot of weed, I drank, I wrote, I played the guitar, and I just sat down. I didn’t want to doing anything unless it gave me access to something new. That’s going to not just change myself, but make other peoples lives interesting. If not I don’t want to do it. If I got do another cop show and say ay dust for prints. I’ve said dust for prints over ten million times. I’ve bought five house saying dust for prints.”

He added, “I get a call from my agent they’re like hey there’s a show 50 Cent power Courtney she’s got a lot of this she’s got a lot of heat behind her you should check it out. It would help if you met with her, Anthony Hemingway, the pilot director. I walk into this room and I meet with her and I’m like that is what I’m looking for.

They wanted me to read for another role I can’t remember. I meet Courtney, and she is magical, Anthony’s magical, and I was like there’s something here I want to do right, so I got the job. I had met with them for another role, and then I went to the gym, and then my life kept going.

So I got a call they’re like, ” Hey, do you want to play a role called Lobos? Well, I’m like Lobos, yeah, sure. What gangster? I don’t know if I want to do another gangster. I’ve done a lot of f***ing gangsters.

Lobos was above everything. He was above the law. He was above sexuality. If he wanted to f*** a girl, he’d f*** a girl. If he wished to a f*** guy, he’d f*** a guy right if he wanted to f*** a f*** blimp while he was f a guy with a giraffe and a f***ing joint in his ear he’d do that s too he’s above the f**ing law he’s above every f***ing rule.”

Speaking of Enrique Murciano, the NY Post announced last month that he would be a part of the ‘Father of the Bride’ reboot cast.

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Written by Landon Buford

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