Angels’ Mike Trout Reveals He Would Like Drake To Write His Theme Song [Watch]

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The Los Angeles Angels were recently in Arlington, Texas to play the Rangers and during that trip Chris ‘See Hendo’ Henderson got the opportunity to speak with Mike Trout.

During the interview Hendo asked Trout a variety of different questions including, if he could come out the the plate with his own theme song, who would be the artist.

“I’ve always used Drake. I like Drake, but I’m a big country music fan too. But, you know I listen to it in my truck…When I want to get hype before the game I listen to some hip hop and R&B,” Said Trout.

Speaking of Mike Trout, he recently responds to video of seven time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady taking batting practice with former teammate Rob Gronkowski playing in the outfield.

It’s been a long f—ing time,” then added, “Not good when someone makes an excuse before they start, Brady said after being asked when was the last time he hit the ball.

According to ESPN, Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos, now the Washington Nationals, in 1995, as the 507th overall pick in the 18th round. The Expos moved to D.C. in 2005, however they tweeted that their offer still stands if Brandy wanted to join.

The interaction caught the attention of Mike Trout, who tweeted the eye emojis.

It also caught the attention of World Series Champion John Rodriguez, who tweeted, “That Left Handed Batting Form is in top top shape TB12.”

Brady was recently asked about having MCL reconstruction surgery.

“Last year was pretty tough, just from basically having the MCL reconstruction, and I basically tore it in my last season in New England and I went the whole offseason with a torn MCL,” Brady said Wednesday, via the Tampa Bay Times‘ Rick Stroud. “I didn’t get a reconstruction, because I thought it would just heal back. So I didn’t do anything. The following year, I just taped it, basically, every day. And then finally getting it reconstructed last year, it felt for the first time this offseason, it’s been really good.”

After retiring earlier in the offseason, Brady will be entering his 23rd season in the NFL later this year.

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