Celtics’ Jayson Tatum Is The Perfect Laker, Says Cari Champion

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Former First Take Host Cari Champion was a guest on the Some Dude Show hosted by CuffsTheLegend.

During their chat, Champion was asked who does she want to see in a Lakers uniform next season.

“Jayson Tatum! You bring up stuff like that, Jayson Tatum! You talking small fry and tell you what we want… It sounds insane, but trust me he is the perfect Laker… They are going to trade the house and try to get somebody like Jayson, who is the perfect Laker, but also this is a business and players like Jayson Tatum and LeMalo Ball are superstars. And their profile automatically raise when they get to LA for so many different reasons… They become household names and people who know of them can give them different access,” said Champion.

Champion was also asked who she like to see coach the Lakers next.

“That’s a great question; they’re not going to pick the right coach, right? That’s not going to happen, and I don’t know why, but they’re not. I think I was just having this conversation last night with somebody who is a current player in the league. And he said to me; I’m shocked that Lakers are letting Kurt Rambis run the show. I find that fascinating, and then the story is, and I’m sure you heard the same story. Kurt Rambis current Lakers’ great from the 80s played with Magic,” said Champion.

“His wife is very integral in a lot that is happening, which means she is close with Jeanie. This is just what insiders are saying, and because of her relationship with Jeanie, Kurt has a lot of say, which is surprising. But I also know Rob Pelinka is in charge of a lot. I’m not just putting it all on Kurt, but I will tell you that decision-making had been deplorable.”

In recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Buss defended Kurt and Linda Rambis.

β€œI know that there’s been some unfair criticism of Kurt Rambis. I want to remind people, he’s been involved in the NBA for close to 40 years, that he has been a part of championship teams both as a player and assistant coach, he is someone I admire for his basketball knowledge, said Buss.

β€œIn terms of Linda Rambis, she does not have a role in the basketball department; her role is, as it’s been for the last almost 40 years, is as my advisor. She and I have worked together for years and years and years. Why that has become an issue for people, I don’t understand.”

So, who does Champion want to see as the next coach?

“We have to have someone that they let work. The first office does not hem him up because it is not working. Because the front office is together, they are still trying to do what the over franchises do and coach from the front office. I don’t know I have to be honest with you there’s no person where I say this person is hella dope. You brought up the Celtics it’s not happening, but I take Brad Stevens in a heart beat. It’s not happening, but how dope would that be. So, in my mind I’m the Laker fan that has no end to her imagination and I think big. So, I’m like yeah that make sense yeah it’s the Lakers leave the front office. I think if they let Mark Jackson do what he needs to do he would be a good coach too.”

I don’t see them allowing anybody to do what they need to do right now; that’s a weird transition that they are in. Did you read the story about Ty Luen and [Frank] Vogel? Did you get into that? How he was up for the Lakers’ job. He would bring Vogel, and then they went and asked Vogel. Ty Lue was going to bring Vogel along, and after he had his meeting [as the assistant coach with the Clippers], bully him according to him [we want to hire you and this is what we wish to] we don’t want to give you this many years…Ty Lue was a perfect fit, and if you ask him, he says that used to be his dream job… They hired Vogel to prove it deals with no real money and no real year. They hired him knowing that. So, you don’t want to change, and who are you waiting for? Phil is not coming back through that door.

The Lakers according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski three finalist have emerged that Lakers coaching search, former Trailblazer coach Terry Scotts, Golden State assistant Kenny Atkinson, and Bucks assistant Darvin Ham.

The Los Angeles Lakers finished the 2021-22 season with a 33-49 record and missed the playin tournament and were sent to Cancun for the summer.

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Written by Landon Buford

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