Bulls And Lakers Champion Ron Harper Sr. Shares Story About Lakers’ Dr. Buss During His Time With The Clippers

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Ron Harper Sr spent the last two seasons of his NBA career in a Lakers uniform from 1999-to 2001. During those final two seasons, he helped the Los Angeles Lakers win back-to-back championships under former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson.

However, during the early 1990s, Harper spent four and a half seasons as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers organization after being traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for the rights of Dukes’ Danny Ferry.

While with the Clippers, Harper recently shared with Jeanie Buss via Twitter, a story about him and her father, Dr. Buss.

“Your dad was not only a great owner but a[n] awesome person I only played 2 years for the Lakers, but when I was a Los Angeles Clipper, he open[ed] his door for me to come to games and the forum club to watch the games my love and respect for him… Harper tweeted.”

Harper’s tweet was in response to Buss acknowledging an accurate scene from the HBO series ‘Winning Time,’ between Magic Johnson [Quincy Isaiah] and Dr. Buss [John C. Reilly].

Speaking of Ron Harper Sr., back in March, he attended Rutgers’ final home game against Penn State to support his son Ron Harper Jr, according to 247sports. As for Jr., he was recently invited to the NBA Draft Combine and is projected to be picked in the second round, according to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

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Written by Landon Buford

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