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Keith ‘The Spice King’ Lorren Talks Being Approached By B*** Where’s My Pots’ Producers, Hired By E Class, And Wanting To Work With Rick Ross

Courtesy of The Spice King Keith Lorren

Last month, Rick Ross appeared on Trick Daddy’s cooking show, ‘B*** Where’s My Pots.’ Trick Daddy was cooking Cubed Steak, Cabbage, and Brown Rice with Ross, the Boss on the show.

During the episode, Ross talked about both his books, ‘The Perfect Day to Boss Up,’ and ‘Hurricanes Lib/E: A Memoir Rick Ross,’ are both New York Times Bestsellers. Ross was supposed to wait until Trick Daddy to finished everything, but he started cutting into the cube-steak, which Ross said was legendary.

If you look closely at the background onset, you can see a bunch of spices on the shelf. Those are the spices made by Keith Lorren, also known as ‘The Spice King.’

The Spice King recently spoke with about his products being on Trick Daddy’s show, ‘B*** Where’s Pots.’

“It’s a huge thing because an old parable says something that a profit is celebrated in his hometown. Usually, it is expected everywhere else, but it is the most difficult thing at home. I’m in a situation where my products are in 5000 stores [Walmart, Kroger, Stop N Shop, Food Lion, Bigyfoods, Jewelosco, and HEB], and we are negotiating to get them in Costco,” said The Spice King.

“So all the other states have my products, whereas my Miami very few Walmart’s have it. So, seeing these big-time global celebrities embracing the product is a testament that things are coming around. And they are royalty here in Miami. Rick Ross and Trick Daddy because they made it from nothing, and it is an encouragement to me to see how they made it. I can do it too with the spices if they can do it, so it is a beautiful homecoming. They invited me to cook with them too, so I’ll be cooking with them soon.”

The opportunity was presented by a friend of one of the producers on the show.

“The producer’s friend connected and introduced me to them, and they asked for the spices. I didn’t know they were going to put it on. I just thought they were asking to try them out. So, to my surprise, they used them and enjoyed them. I will be going on the show, ‘B*** Where’re My Pots.”

“I think the buzz is going around because I was hired by one of DJ Khaled’s business partners E Class to do all the sauces for this Finga Licking chain of restaurants. Also, Island Tings restaurant, which Dj Khaled and E Class own. I have never personally met DJ Khaled, but my work is in his restaurants.”

Rick Ross owns many Wing Stops around the country, and someone who would like to work with Ross is Lorren would like to work in the future.

“Here’s the thing, I created a cannabis flavored seasoning and hot sauces specifically for wings and fries called ‘Canna Spice.’ I have desired to introduce it to ‘Wing Stop.’ So, Rick Ross and Wing Stop. Before COVID, I introduced it to the head chef at Wing Stop, and he loved it,” said Lorren.

“Then the pandemic came, and many people’s jobs moved around. So, I’m hoping to introduce the Canna Spice collection to Rick Ross as a possible distribution into all of the Wing Stops. Because that has never been done in the culinary world and really highlighting cannabis from a culinary prospective. Specifically highlighting flavor of cannabis with wings and such.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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