Nets’ Guard Kyrie Irving Sounds-Off On OnlyFans, “It’s Not For Me, Just Keep The Tissue Off Of The Night Stand” [Watch]

Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Nets guard Kyrie Irving was on GTA [Grand Theft Auto] recently, and some of the fans in his chat on Twitch and the fans must have mentioned Onlyfans, and Irving decided to share his thoughts on the platform.

“Yo, if you have an Onlyfans account, “I have no comment. None whatsoever! None whatsoever! I have no problem with Onlyfans, none! None! You won’t get my credit card, though, I’ll tell you that, said Irving.

“You won’t even get a free subscription from me. I’m sorry, I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t have a problem with it, and it’s just not for me. It may be for you… Just keep the tissue on the God damn nightstand.”

Speaking of Kyrie Irving, the Los Angeles Lakers brass was considering trading for Irving at the trade deadline.

“It was only the journey to enjoy at that point, because I was sitting at home and — I don’t even want to say sitting at home, I was wondering at home what my future was going to look like, you know? Whether I was going to be traded, whether I was going to be released, whether I was going to get the opportunity to be on another team, how I was going to spin this for myself in a positive way,” Irving said. During his recent appearance on The ETCs with Kevin Durant podcast.

The Nets obviously chose not to trade it, but the teams around the league apparently contemplated the possibility. Ian Begley of SNY said the LA Lakers were one of those teams. Begley reports that the Lakers have considered acquiring Irving, but it is not clear if they have ever achieved a consensus on doing so.

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