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Take A Listen To 7 Tha Great’s “Grode” & Tap Into What The Dallas Hip Hop Scene Has To Offer

Courtesy of 7 Tha Great

Last week, attended Never Satisfied Studios to listen to Dallas local artist 7 Tha Great project, Grode, which is on all streaming platforms.

Bay-Bay hosted the event, and during the listening session, 7 Tha Great would play each of his songs and explain why he elected to use different metaphors or why he wrote the music in the first place. From what we gathered from the listening session, not only was 7 Tha Great a very talented artist and lyricist. However, he also stands on his morals as a person and reveals that no amount of money in the world will not make him do something that will go against what he believes in.

For example, in the single ‘Luka.’ The single is named after the Dallas Mavericks’ three-time All-Star guard Luka Doncic, Tha Great, talks about the dreaded crabs in the bucket mentality that doesn’t allow his peers to support him.

However, they can’t be mad when he starts to excel and elects to distance himself from the naysayers. That is not just something that can be limited to the music industry. That can be applied to any industry. We at can relate to this because our owner and founder is an entrepreneur and started this platform to help keep his brand relevant and showcase consistency.

Make sure you check out 7 Tha Great’s project ‘Grode’ on all streaming platforms.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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