Power IV: Force’s Claudia Flynn Catches Her Second Body, This Time Its Reggie Peña After Ghosting Him In Episode 6


At the beginning of episode six of Power IV: Force, Tommy Egan helps Claudia Flynn bury the body of Mia Liet. Following Flynn stabbing her with a knife, she threatened to go to Flynn’s father, Walter, and fill him in on her and Claudia’s involvement.

Egan told Claudia that the first time is the hardest, even when it comes. But, she replied, I never really thought about what happens after you kill someone. Egan added only two things need to happen. You don’t get caught, and they don’t get found.

Claudia: So, how many?

Tommy; Don’t matter. The same two rules always apply. But, look, if you want to go all the way in this game, the s*** comes with the territory. And come on, we gotta keep moving. We are racing against the light.

Claudia: She was an orphan.

Tommy: Oh good, ain’t nobody gonna miss her. Do you want to say any last words?

Claudia: I don’t really know what to say.

Tommy: Say goodbye.

Claudia: Goodbye.

Later in the episode, Claudia Flynn, Liliana, and Tommy Egan set up their operation at the convention center to hide their products in plain sight. But, unfortunately, it also allows anybody to come and go as they please. The connect, the distro, and the customers can get their products from lockers in the convention center. After they get done setting up shop, Reggie Peña called Claudia looking for a re-up, but Tommy told her no.

“Ain’t nobody getting s*** til we get set up. Put him back,” said Egan. Claudia replied, “He can be distro for us.”

Tommy: He move real weight?

Claudia: No, but he has connections.

Tommy: Then he’s a customer.

Claudia: And these people you got?

Tommy: Hitters.

Claudia: How do you know that?

Tommy: Because this is what I do. This is all that I have been about. I can read people. I know it within 15 seconds of meeting somebody if I’m going to f*** with them or not.

Claudia: You knew that about me?

Tommy: I knew it in 10. Don’t let that s*** go to your head. But yeah f*** Reggie. He ain’t getting s***. Ghost him.

After following her, Reggie finally caught up with Claudia Flynn outside of her warehouse towards the end of the episode. When Reggie comes up and says, “Que Paso, huh? Where my drugs. p***? You thought I was sort of a westside piece of s***. Whose-Whose calls you don’t gotta return, huh?

Claudia: Been busy.

Reggie: Oh, Yeah?

Claudia: Yeah. Figuring some s*** out.

Reggie: Me Too.

Claudia MM.

Reggie; Huh? We was famila.

Claudia: Ok

Reggie: I’m going to miss you, huh, hermanita. Love forever…. B****. Aah! Aah… aah… You blinded me, p***. Aah f***, you blinded me.

Claudia: Almost.

After Claudia Flynn killed Reggie Peña, Tommy Egan helped her bury his body.

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Written by Landon Buford

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