Claudia Flynn Catches Her First Body With Mia Liet In Ep 5 Power Book IV: Force


This week on Power Book IV: Force, Claudia Flynn began the episode by stepping to Tommy Egan with her new product on her lips. She kissed Egan, and it was something that he wanted to be a part of because he had never had before. So Flynn and Egan struck a 60/40 deal that went in Tommy’s favor to be her distributor for the new product. He would then give Liliana the assignment of breaking down the product to find out.

Later in the episode, Claudia would find out from her girlfriend and business partner that Mia Liet didn’t have any more product and elected to get rid of her. There was no use for Mia when she said that she picked the wrong Flynn by stabbing her with a pick. But, with Dr. Lauryn Williams in the picture, there is a way to make the product. Towards the end of the episode, we see how the murder affected Claudia.

However, before Claudia Flynn killed Mia Liet, she paid a visit to Gloria and offered her land worth two million dollars to leave Vic Flynn alone. This event happened right after her father, Walter Flynn, shared if she left Vic Flynn alone, Gloria’s debt to the Flynn family would be paid in full. However, she would decline his offer.

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Written by Landon Buford

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