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Makonnen Opens Up About Signing To Drake’s Label OVO

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Atlanta raised, artist ILoveMakonnen’s hit single “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” was released September 1, 2014, & it went viral! Two days after meeting Sonny Digital & Metro Boomin, Makonnen recorded the song “Don’t Sell Molly No More” with Sonny Digital, which would later launch his music career on a higher pedestal. What about a “Tuesday”? He explained how the song wasn’t even on a Tuesday, but more so Monday night and getting so ‘turned up” by the time you realized it. It’s Tuesday morning in the club.

Before his career started, Makonnen viewed music to change his life. He visualized it as a way to make money while supporting his family. However, after he was put into a situation that resulted in house arrest following the fatal shooting of a friend, it allowed him more time to focus on his craft. He explained how he went from trapping and selling illegal drugs to signing a recorded deal. His hit single “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” was originally produced in March 2014. After gaining recognition by many mainstream artists, Drake decided to remix the song in August 2014, and from there, Makonnen would sign a record deal with the label “OVO” by September ’14.

While speaking in “AAYAN Fix My Life” on the “Clubhouse App” on January 31, 2022, he said his first time meeting “Drake” happened in New York while Drake and Lil Wayne was on tour. The deal was presented as a single deal, typically the lowest deal in the music industry. Makonnen said it was smarter to sign the deal because the label was interested in doing an album together. Assuming his loyalty was better off with “OVO,” who had faith in him rather than signing elsewhere. Drake told him how he was just really always a fan of his craft & how it amazed him just off the strength of how he was producing music. Pinpointing his unique style and flow! Musically the relationship was great! Daily text between the two & sharing each other’s catalogs and critiques in live time. Makonnen figured he wanted to do what the superstars were doing.

Gossip and internet drama exposed the partnership between Makonnen & Drake. Tweets that Makonnen sent out in a jokingly manner ended up getting back to Drake, and he wasn’t too amused. He claims the media twisted the narrative of the tweets, accusing him of dissing him. After trying to explain to Drake about the humor behind such tweets; as a way of him just having fun and admitting to being immature at the time. Makonnen said his nephew would listen to Drake a lot & recalls a time his nephew was listening to music. He went into his room and asked him, “What a Bi#ch A## Ni##a like you in here doing,” he replied, listening to Drake. He admits to tweeting that out because he found it funny and the internet twisting the narrative. Makonnen believes it was the act of some of his adolescent ways that resulted in the first fall out.

The second fallout came after he & his manager started bumping heads and stealing from him; things started spiraling out of control. Makonnen felt like he was living a nightmare; friends he grew up broke with began stealing his money. After cutting ties with his manager, he still had access to accounts like his Tumbler and Twitter accounts. While he was on tour, out of anger, his ex-manager tweeted out “FU#K Drake, FU#K OVO” “They some lame MF’ERS for not putting out my mix tap & FU#K Rihanna for not jumping on my album” The artist claims his previous manager had sabotaged his Tumbler account which later leaked to Twitter, while he was at the grammies. Everyone from the industry was embracing him. The Drake camp was furiously not happy about the situation!

After the two fallouts, Makonnen said he was silenced, and the partnership between Drake and OVO the label had gotten weird. Claiming they choose to listen to the internet over him. Since parting ways, he says he & drake talk on IG, and it’s cool and all love, but when he sees Makonnen in public, he gets the feeling he doesn’t exist. He’s unclear on how Drake feels about the entire situation or if he’s regretful of the business they had.

Currently, he is open to music collaboration and to continue exploring his options; he’s been working on getting back into the cosmetology & beauty industry as well. I had the pleasure to ask him, “What inspired him to write Sarah” he stated regardless of his homosexual preference, he does still fall in love with women & Sarah was his favorite girl who had to move away, and he never heard from her again.

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