Courtney Kemps Reveals Why Monet Tejada Was Calm When She Found Out Dante Spears Was Mecca, “She Should Have Seen It Coming.”


At the end of episode nine of Power Book II: Ghost, Monet Tejada finds out that Dante Spears is Mecca the connect. However, Monet is very calm when that is revealed instead of shocked. Last week, she was on Instagram Live for her weekly episode recap Q&A. 

During the Live, she shared that she was calm because Monet should have seen it coming.

“I am going to say something a lot of women can relate to or people who have been tricked into a romantic relationship,” said Kemp.

“Her reaction very internally was, I should have seen that s*** coming. Some things you are not mad at the other person. Man, I got f**** played.”

When Monet finds out, she figures out.

” This is actually what you wanted, isn’t it? Holding my son her keeping him here until you come up with the master plan. So, are you going to tell him about yourself or should I,” said Monet.

Cane Tejada: So, you played me this whole time to get to my mom?

Monet: To put us in a position where we couldn’t say no to his a**

Dante: I knew he didn’t steal my s*** alone; that was you too.

Monet: Naw, I didn’t have s*** to do with that. Lorenzo set that up.

After that conversation, the trio plans to take out Lorenzo Tejada.

The finale episode of Power Book II: Ghost season two will drop at 8 pm EST on Starz on Sunday morning.

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Written by Landon Buford

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