Makonnen Says Making The Tuesday Video & Working With Drake, “Was One Of The Happiest Moments Of My Life”

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On Monday evening, Makonnen, known for the mega-hit Tuesday, made his Clubhouse debut in the Aayan Fix My Life Room. Aayan asked Makonnen what it was like working on the Tuesday Video and Working with Drake.

“That was surreal. It was so surreal. Honesty, It was the happiest moments of my life. One of them for sure. I just went through a depression of losing my one of friends in Atlanta being on a case and having to go through trial you might go to jail & all this s***,” said Makonnen.

“So, I was really down and out & then after that I kept believing in my music, putting it out, and believing dream of that I was going to make it. That I am going to something and after that it’s like the biggest artist in the word right here and he is supporting me and I’m signed to his label. This is unbelievable, it’s like how can I hate him. How can I hate this moment ever? Even If I don’t we ever don’t speak again. It was one of the greatest moments ever. I’m happy because all I ever want to do is be official like this.”

Speaking of Drake, he recently quoted Pusha-T Lyric from the song “Cot Damn.” in a video with his son Adonis as the caption reads, “I been around the world thrice times I mean what I say…”

The single was featured in 2002’s Lord Willin’ .

Drake pays homage to the classic record, since he once declared himself a “very big Clipse fan.” He, also, owned a microphone supposedly signed by Push. But history shows that things changed years later. 

“I have no desire to ever mend anything with that person. That situation went where it went, and there’s just no turning back,” Drake told Rap Radar in 2019. “On his part, it was a genius chess move. When it comes to me, he won’t have any morals or respect.”

As for Makonnen, he recently dropped a record with Yellow Trash called, “My Girl Trans.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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