Power Book II’s Effie Morales Catches Her First Body & Unfortunately It’s Lauren Baldwin Confirmed


Earlier this season, Lauren Baldwin was caught with drugs in her room and was questioned by Officer Kamaal Tate. During Tate asks Baldwin questions about the drugs found, her professor Carrie Milgram says she is an honor student and not a criminal.

Tate shares that he will do everything they need until they find the drug kingpin. Then Milgram requested to speak with officer Tate, and they asked Baldwin to wear a wire to catch Brayden Weston on a wiretap initially, but the real target was Tariq St. Patrick. Lauren did her best to keep St. Patrick on the wire because the target was Weston.

However, Milgram and Tate gave Baldwin talking points that she went to St. Patrick to nail Weston. When Tariq shared that Professor Jabari Reynolds’s book, it gave the police probable cause to obtain a warrant and found a gun belonging to officer Danilo Ramirez, which Cane Tejada planted on Tariq. He was arrested and put on trial.

It was later revealed that Lauren Baldwin unknowingly was part of why Tariq was arrested, but the first wire Baldwin was wearing caught Cane and Brayden. It was something that eventually became her downfall. In episode eight of Power Book II, Professor Milgram was killed by Monet Tejada after being humiliated in court. Monet made it look like a suicide.

In episode nine of Power Book II: Ghost Tariq lets it slip to Effie, Lauren Baldwin caught Brayden and Cane on a wiretap. She then immediately went to Cane, and Tejada told Weston that he needed to take care of Baldwin or he was going to take care of him. Later, St. Patrick attempted to save Baldwin by not taking the stand and instead convinced Milgram to commit perjury.

St. Patrick arranged for Weston to help Baldwin out of town, but Effie Morales intercepted her, knocked her out, put her in her car, and took care of her. The episode ended with her crawling into bed with Tariq’s guilty look on her face.

Earlier this season, Molares shared, “As soon as I saw that girl, I knew she was going to be a bad influence on you.”

St. Patrick replied, “The thing is just might say the same thing about you.”

“No, seriously. When you are with her, you have to be a version of yourself that you are not, said Molares.”

The beginning of episode nine showed all the characters that Tariq had his hand in the killing, or his decisions caused them to die, like his sister Raina St. Patrick, Joe Proctor, Carrie Milgram, and Lakeisha Grant.

Also, the actor that plays Effie, Alix Lapri, hopped on Twitter and shared that she killed a snitch.

In episode ten and the final episode of season 2, Lauren Baldwin died in a car accident.

The actress Paige Hurd In a tweet seemed to confirm what happened to Lauren when she wrote.

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Written by Landon Buford

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