Courtney Kemp Reveals When Davis Maclean & Carrie Milgram Had A Relationship

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Power Book II: Ghost episode 207 ended with Davis Maclean confronting Carrie Milgram at her apartment after discovering she posed as counsel for Lauren Baldwin.

Lauren Baldwin was tricked into wearing a wire to catch her classmate and ex-boyfriend Tariq St. Patrick revealing information on Course Correct or the murder of his Professor Jabari Reynolds.

Unfortunately for St. Patrick, he revealed enough information for the prosecution and the police to obtain a search warrant to search his room. It would lead them to find Danilo Ramirez’s badge in St. Patrick’s and Brayden Weston’s dorm room. Moreover, it gave the prosecution probable cause to arrest.

St. Patrick was released on bail and returned to class, which shocked his classmates and professor Carrie Milgram, who was trying to take off heat from her and Tariq’s ex-roommate Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross.

Back to Maclean and Milgram, He arrives at her apart, and they have their banter back and forth. When McLean tells Milgram that he is playing a dangerous game.

Earlier this week, Power Book II: Ghost, creator and Executive Producer Courtney Kemp was on Instagram Live for her weekly episode recap revealed that Maclean and Milgram were in a relationship when she was a prosecutor and he was a criminal defender.

“They had a relationship when she was a prosecutor and he was a criminal defender defending a client, which is a no-no,” said Kemp.

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Written by Landon Buford

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