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Wack 100 Says Meek Mill Is Most Overrated Rapper, But King Of Intro Records

Meek Mill signed with T.I., Grand Hustle Records, in 2008, but joined Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group three years later. After aligning with the Rock Nation of JAY-Z, the Philadelphia rapper became a known name. 

Despite his mandate, Wack 100 still thinks that he has never reached the level of success that some of his contemporaries and therefore consider him the most overrated rapper.

During a conversation at the Clubhouse in the 100 Ent podcast with Joe Budden and several others, the longtime music director pleaded for the title to Meek Mill. Yet he insisted that there was no hatred in his argument — he simply said what he believed to be facts.

“He got axed to headline his own world tour,” he began. “They had to cancel ’cause the tickets wasn’t selling. You too mid-game to be doing 80,000 units when you signed to Roc Nation. When you think of Meek Mill, you gonna think because of the persona that he’s a A/B list artist. I don’t know his lyrics ’cause I listen to Meek Mill music.

“But I’m saying overall as a rapper, because some of these n**** y’all be thinking is one thing, if you sit back and look at what’s going on with ’em .. when you think about him, because of the persona of them, you think they bigger than they are.”

Wack added, “Think about it,” he added, “No world tours — foreign or domestic. I haven’t seen no real type of endorsements unless I missed it. I seen a little video game he had, but my homebody did that. That was some indie shit. He had the Rick Ross push coming into the game. You would have thought he would have been on Rick Ross level when Rick Ross was at his phase.

“This is nothing against him. I don’t know why he’s tied to Roc Nation. That’s a great company. They reach is limitless. All the artists fuck with ’em. Even though him and Game had they problems, Game still like doing music with him. They done three songs since the bullshit. I don’t know. It’s like, ‘OK, let’s go make a Lil Baby‘ I done watched him do the tours where it was 1,500, then the tour was 5,000 all in a three, four-year time span.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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