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Suge Knight Tried To Get Mario Johnson’s $4 Million From Vanilla Ice Through Proper Channels, Says Wack 100

On Monday evening, Wack 100 was on Clubhouse in the Trollz Nation room hosted by CEO Reek. Wack was asked if Suge Knight really dangled Vanilla Ice off a Balcony?

“Vanilla Ice had robbed the dude [Mario Johnson, aka “Chocolate] that did Ice Ice Baby. The producer is a little black dude, and he owed him like $4 million, so the dude tried to get his money every way possible,” said Wack.

“He came to Suge that he would cut him in to get him his money. Suge tried to do it the right way, [through] attorneys and everything they were ducking. So, back then, there wasn’t any hiding. When you land at LAX, n**** told us the drivers when they got black cars. When you got to the hotel, the valet people told us. When you check into the room, the b**** at the desk at lunchtime for $200 will give us the key to your room.”

He added, “There wasn’t getting away, and that is how they got into his room, and you know he signed it. But he should have been signed it; he owed that man that money. So it isn’t like he extorted you. You were stealing from the little black kid. I mean, he damn sure signed the contract upside down. So he knows that it didn’t have to go that way.”

According to Vanilla Ice, he went to his hotel, and Knight was there with many people.

“I went to my hotel room, and Suge was in there with several people. He let me know he wanted to get some points off the “Ice Ice Baby record,” said Ice.

“Suge took me out on the balcony, started talking to me personally. He had me look over the edge, showing me how high I was up there. I needed to wear a diaper that day. I was an “investor” in Death Row Records with no return on my money. He didn’t hang me off from any balcony, okay? The story’s been kind of blown out of proportion and I want to clarify that Suge and I have no bad feelings towards each other.”

Mario Johnson also shared that no was hung over the balcony and then had to use real lawyers and normal courts.

“We sued using normal courts and attorneys,” said Johnson.

“You just heard it from me. It was more than a year in the settlement of that lawsuit that Chocolate finally got paid. Doesn’t mean [Vanilla Ice] didn’t get hung over a balcony, but if he did, it didn’t make him pay.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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