Lakers’ Champion & Hall Of Famer Mitch Richmond Reveals He Got Pulled Over By Officer Shaquille O’Neal

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Basketball Hall of Famer, Mitch Richmond played his final season In Los Angeles Lakers in 2002. That season he won a championship, but unfortunately, he could not get many minutes during the playoffs. But according to him, he got 20 minutes a game during the regular season.

On Thursday afternoon, Mitch Richmond was on NBA Twitter Spaces hosted by’s Mark Medina. They discussed numerous topics, including him telling a story from playing with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Richmond was late for practice and speeding and got pulled over by his teammate.

“I’ll tell you a funny one. I can remember I had to do something with my kids, so I was rushing to practice. And I’m on El Segundo, kind of like where the airport and I am flying down the street, and I get pulled over [by] this undercover car,” said Richmond.

“I’m looking in my glove compartment to figure out where my registration and I don’t get to see the guy walking to the car. I heard license and registration, and it was Shaq. In the undercover car telling me that he needs, [and] I’m like Shaq, come on, man, we are late for practice. License and registration, I’m like, can you stop playing. So, he goes back and reads my license plates and asks, does he have any warrants or anything, and the people are actually talking to him over the thing.”

He added, “He was in that police force and would always do a lot of things for the community. He would go out at night and drive with the people on the night shift.”

Mitch Richmond would go into the Hall of Fame as a member of the 2014 class with guys such as David Stern and Alonzo Mourning.

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