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Soul For Real’s Jason Oliver Talks Possible NFT Album, Potential Verzuz Opponents, And Unsung On The Way

Courtesy of Jase4Real recently sat down and interviewed the lead singer of the legendary R&B group ‘Soul For Real,’ Jason Oliver, aka Jase4Real.

If you are not familiar with the group, they are responsible for hit records such as ‘Candy Rain,’ ‘Never Felt This Way,’ ‘If You Want It,’ and ‘Every Little Thing I Do’ to name a few.

During the interview Oliver discussed possibly releasing an NFT album, potential Verzuz battles against him as a solo artist and as a group member of ‘Soul For Real’. The full interview with Jason Oilver can be seen below.

LB: Last May you drop the Due Better can you share with us what where you drew your inspiration for that single?

Jason Oilver: I was just really in one of those places when I created the record, I was just tap into everything. You know the saying when you have been through it all you can kind of relate to everyone on a certain level. I was kind of speaking from a place where I was speaking for people, including two people that might be in it, and not feeling alone. There is a lot of levels that I touched on [and] it’s real.

LB: Also, this past May we lost an industry King maker Andre Harrell. Can you talk about what he meant to you in the early stages of your career?

Jason Oilver: God bless the dead. Rest in peace Andre! I never had any smoke with Andre, and I have always been a little bit ahead of my time I guess with [my maturity]. He was a blessing in our lives, and I don’t have any bad to say.

LB: Soul for Real recently drop the single ‘After The Rain.’ Why did the group feel this was the right time to release this single?

Jason Oilver: I’ll answer that for myself, and I think it’s a good time to drop because I know what we have offered. Like what we are about to put forth, so I think it is a good time to because we are right here.

LB: Who would you guys like to collaborate in today’s generation of artists in music?

Jason Oilver: Really those who would like to whom look to collaborate with me. Who’s dope of course!

LB: Which group would you want to do a Verzuz within the R&B genre?

Jason Oilver: I don’t know, that’s a good question. We have a lot of songs of the album and projects; however, it was a short run as far as, the airplay that came with ‘Soul For Real’. So, that is hard to gauge, but that’s a good question though.

LB: How about a Verzuz as a solo artist?

Jason Oilver: Aw man they don’t want no smoke and it doesn’t even matter. Even on the group tip, we are ready for whatever. Let’s go! They don’t no smoke!

Would you be interested in doing an NFT album involving unreleased tracks or new music that you are currently working on?

Jason Oilver: Sure, that is part of the change in everything. Why not?

LB: You also have an artist that you are working with is there any new music that they will be dropping during the first quarter of 2022?

Jason Oilver: I cannot yet answer that question. There’s a strong possibility you will see light shed on such as those.

LB: Over the last two years with the Pandemic what is the one thing that you learned the most about yourself?

Jason Oilver: That we are definitely different worlds apart,even though we are the same, but we are definitely different. That’s what I have learned!

LB: Is there anything else that we can expect from you personally or the group Soul for Real as whole in the first or second quarter of the new year?

Jason Oilver: You can expect gigs and shows. We just did this Unsung, and you can also expect movies and short film. There’s a bunch of s*** that’s going to come to life and spark from this corner. You can expect some records from Soul For Real. We have a show in Memphis, Tennessee on the 14th and something coming up on the 18th. We are moving around a little bit.

LB: Do you have anything else going happening business wise outside of the music and entertainment industry for Christmas or New Years?

Jason Oilver: Nothing yet in the realm of music, but thank for reminding me about our New Year performances. You can keep up with us on my IG jase4real and the @Therealsoulforreal IG.

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Written by Landon Buford

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