We Don’t F*** With Vlad TV, Says Wack 100

In a 2020 interview with online personality and the Nation Of Islam spokesperson Rizza Islam, comedian Corey Holcomb spoke on the platform VladTV as well as its host DJ Vlad Lyubovny, making a living on black culture generating million of views.

“A lot of Black people feel more comfortable going to Vlad’s platform because he’s white. They feel like they made it. Whereas they won’t come to my platform, or others like mines, because it doesn’t feel like anything major. So then Vlad gets all these Black people talking about other Black people and capitalizes off it, said Holcomb.

Music manager and entrepreneur Wack 100 agrees.

On Monday evening, Wack 100 was on the Clubhouse app in the Trollz Nation room. During the question and answer period of the panel questioning No Jumper podcast host Adam 22 for out tweets dating back to 2010, Vlad’s name was brought by DJ Akademic offering to get Vlad and Wack into the same room or to have a phone conversation to settle their differences.

Something that Wack 100 said won’t happen.

“Naw, we don’t f*** with Vlad. F*** Vlad. I’m going to tell you want Adam don’t do. Adam don’t call and press charges and sue motherf**** for three or four thousand for violating motherf****.

“Wack, I’m going to get everything squared between you and Vlad chill chill,” said Akademiks.

“I f*** with Vlad.”

“The ‘I hit it First’ video shoot right? I had a Kim Kardashian look a like I paid her flew it out all that. I said yo bro, don’t turn on no cameras. I woke up the next morning bro, the n*** leaked the look a like. You see what I’m saying all he care about is using n****,” said Wack.

According to Akademiks, Vlad had permission to film.

“Bulls*** this is my shoot I own the record. Ray J there because I told him to come. I own that record 100 percent. I ran that s*** through INgrooves. So, you know I was on some renegade s***.”

Wack used Ray J’s contract to against him to be a part of the music video.

‘Look, Ray J was totally against the song, and I own the song. So forget him to participate, I hate to say it, but I had to use my f***** contract against him. I told him you gotta do it,” Wack said.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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