Oprah Winfrey Reveals How Her Rose Garden Was Selected For Adele’s Interview


Last month, Oprah Winfrey sat down with 15-time Grammy Winner Adele for her One Night Only concert special Sunday on CBS. During that performance and interview special, Oprah and Adele discussed her new album ’30’, her relationship with Rich Paul, her divorce, weight loss, and more.

After the special aired on the east coast, Oprah hopped on the Clubhouse app and talked about her interview with Adele in Maya’s House hosted by Maya Watson of the Clubhouse app.

“I loved it and may I say, It is the first time I have left home since March cause I have just been home. And when I was asked to do the interview, would I be interested in interviewing Adele for the new album? I was like, what? Of course, tell me where I think I will have to fly to London. I didn’t know she was living-living in LA. So, I suggested doing here after meeting with the team. Ben Winston and the team had this, which I think is just the most fantastic idea to do at the Griffith Observatory. So, they gave us the whole layout of what they were planning to do, and where they would have the seating—wanting to shoot it at sunset and all of that,” said Oprah.

“So, then we had a crew come in and scout here, and then we were talking about what location would be best. And I said, well, I have a front yard and a backyard, and rose garden, here can hold a lot. So they sent a crew to scout and decided the rose garden would be the best because it felt the most intimate.”

As we all know Oprah is one of the hardest working women in entertainment as she is gearing up to sit down with Prince Harry for a tell all interview.

According to, Prince Harry announced that he would be releasing his  memoir by next year.

Apparently there this some things about the Royal Family that Prince Harry will have to address and he would like to discuss them with Oprah.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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