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Tory Lanez Shares When He Got Into NTFS & Why He’s Intrigued By Them

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Earlier this year, Tory Lanez released his first NFT album ‘When It’s Dark. “The Toronto artist released a million copies, and it sold out in just 60 seconds, according to Kimberly Gedeon of As a result, it has been dubbed “the first-ever music streaming NFT.”

In September, Lanez jumped on Instagram Live to share with his peers and the rest of the public that he had created the digital trap house.

“Yes, I know you see it. Y’all have to understand what is going on right now. If you don’t understand then that cool, that’s not on me. At the start of this, I told you, I’m not going to beg you to make this f***** money. You know it’s crazy, I sat their bro and I wonder for a long time how am I going to get back right. They took everything away from me they took the playlisting away from me they took everything they could away from me. And I sat and said this is not about me. Immediately went to start praying and said GOD show me the way that is different, and one day I was praying and GOD is speaking to me, and says you are about to step into something that you can’t even fathom the blessing of,” said Lanez.

“And at the time, I didn’t understand it because they were trying to stop me in every other way. I just kept praying and kept going. Y’all don’t fully understand what’s going on. Let me fully explain this to you, and I told y’all one dollar for the NTF’s. I sold these s*** to my fans for one dollar. People came, some came and bought twenty, some bought five, and some bought sixty. It doesn’t matter how much you bought it was only a dollar. You spent $60 you bought sixty. I need y’all to understand one of those copies is going for $50 000, $60,000, and these are sold. Go look at the list right now and see how small the seller list is getting. Y’all don’t understand what the f*** is going on? Y’all don’t understand I just crack this s***? Y’all don’t understand that I just crack the industry? I just crack this s***. It is over no more middleman.”

Last week, Tory Lanez was a special guest of Magic Eden X Fancy Frenchies for their ‘Pups drop’ on Twitter Spaces. Lanez was asked when he got into NFTs and what intrigued him about the space during his appearance.

“Well, when I first got into NFTs was last December and I was fairly one of the first people from my space doing it. I was the first person from my space doing it far as artists in the industry. There’s a couple of people, who would beg to differ and will say it was these other people, but it was definitely me. I put three songs up as NFTs that featured three different pictures with three different songs. I remember I did it with Bondly Finance at the time and I was just testing the waters,” said Lanez.

“I was just a normal person, not knowing anything and what NFT stood for, and I ended up selling the NFTs in such a quick amount of time it didn’t make any sense to me. It was like hold on, why did these people care number one, and is this selling faster than the number tracking of my music selling. It is way faster and it struck me differently that I sold out something so fast. Even though I am an artist and I have a name and a face, but fact that I sold something out so fast. It intrigued me further and trying something out, but it’s me just putting out those three songs with the pictures and the arts, but it was me actually being first person to put music on an NFT.”

The full audio of Lanez speaking on this subject can be heard below.

Speaking of Lanez, he recently received praise from Brooklyn drill rap pioneer Fivio Foreign stating that he was a living legend.

“Tory is like a young livin legend.. Respect yah drive gangsta,” said Foreign.

Lanez replied, Always love brother !!!

Tory Lanez is currently working on his latest project, the R&B album Alone at Prom, inspired by the 1980s, and will drop on December 1, 2021.

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