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Mike Jones On Possible Verzuz With Chamillionaire ‘It Would Have To Make Sense At The End’

Earlier this year, MMG artist Wale released a single called ‘Down South’ featuring Yella Beezy and Maxo Kream. The single samples of Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin. ‘ Before the release of the official single. Mike Jones previewed the single back in August on Clubhouse.

“When that drops, Mike Jones is going to go viral again, you feel me?. So, I’m chillin’ that’s why I told y’all people are coming up five or six times a year trying to clear the same track. That’s just one track you got people trying to clear ‘Back Then,’ ‘Flossin,’ and ‘Cutty Buddy,’ said Jones.

During the listening session, Jones revealed that he would be releasing some of his own new music in October with a partnership with BMG Rights Management.

On Sunday morning, Jones was back on the Clubhouse app and shared that he plans on releasing a project in April or May 2022.

Jones continued answering various questions, including if he wanted to do a Verzuz Battle against an artist from Houston possibly.

“Man, anybody who got the hits up there with mine. I am not discriminating,” Jones said.

Would he be interested in doing a possible Verzuz with Chamillionaire?

“As long as it makes sense at the end of it because the way the history was created was b*** s***. You feel me? And he apologized to me later for the BS. However, if we are just doing it just strictly for historical purposes I don’t want to do it on that…Because it wasn’t my fault how it kicked off,” said Jones.

“Like if you go back and look at it, I wrote ‘Day 2 Day Grindin’ and got him on the song. I wrote the hook, and he sang the hook. So, there wasn’t any issue with me, and if it was, I would not have done that song then.”

“So, as I started taking off, the BS started kicking in. Then, I had to deal with understanding, maneuvering, finessing, and having to still go out two or three million on my first drop. However, through the success we got to be on better terms with that, but I am not going to go do a Verzuz just off that history that y’all don’t understand.”

According to Jones, he has a lot of things in the works that he hopes to debut during the first quarter of 2022. So, keep your eyes out for what Jones is coming with heading into next year.

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Written by Landon Buford

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