Jamal Crawford Shares That It’s Disrespectful To Compare Anyone To Michael Jordan ‘They All Have Flaws’

Last week NBA veteran, Jamal Crawford was on Twitter Spaces in the Hoop Spaces room answering a variety of different questions, but when his co-host Chris made a pitch for
Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson being the G.O.A.T the energy in the room completely shifted.

“To me, he [Michael Jordan] is the best player ever, I think it’s almost disrespectful to compare anyone to Michael Jordan. He’s that great, I mean that is who he is,” said Crawford.

“First off, I thank God that we have film. The film doesn’t lie and I am going to be respectful to the Ogs and the people that came before. There’s no doubt about it. Wilt Chamberlain was dominant, there’s no doubt he was dominant. He has his own record book damn near. He has every major record that you can have, but when I judge the greatest ever. I’m not just judging numbers. Don’t forget Michael Jordan was so great he retired three times. One time he retired, I was watching Come Fly With Me and it came out the summer of 1991, and he had not won a championship yet when they filmed it. Chuck Daly rest in peace, said the guy is so good, that he is embarrassing the league. They were already clowning him the best player even though he had not won a championship. Bobby Knight said, Michael Jordan was the best player ever seen before he played in the NBA. He said he is the most competitive, he is the toughest, most athletic, most skilled, and the highest will to win.”

Crawford added, “The great Bobby Knight said he was the best. Michael Jordan was so good that he won three championships, which no one could do in the modern era went and played baseball. Then came back and won three more. Michael Jeffery Jordan is so good, he already looks like he is futuristic if we go back and watch his highlights right now. Could you imagine, if we freeze-frame him and put him in the 60s when those guys were playing? What it would look like? Michael Jordan once he figured it out how to win a championship, he never went to a game seven. We can make an argument that he is the most clutch player we have ever seen.

The dude is out of this world and it’s disrespectful to compare him to anybody. And no disrespect to Oscar, I have seen him play over the film and everything else. I have studied the game and what I have seen is these other guys have flaws. They had faults even with their greatness they had something that they could have gotten better at,” Crawford shared.

“Whether it was Bob Cousy‘s left hand or Wilt’s handle. Michael Jordan had none. They he could not shoot threes, but he could score whenever he wanted to. He chose to dominant a different way. I’ll end it here, when they say you are the best at something they don’t say that he is the Wayne Gretzky of something. They say you are the Michael Jordan of this. He is the greatest of greats.”

Crawford was also featured in a video clip, blowing by Nahziah Carter, who is the nephew of Hip Hop Icon and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jay-Z. He also was a recent guest on the All the Smoke Podcast.

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Written by Landon Buford

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