Stephon Marbury Claps Back At Stephen A. Smith’s Comments On First Take Regarding Netflix Doc


As of now, Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has elected not to get vaccinated, and it has drawn a lot of pushback. Irving has received criticism from NBA fans and media members, most notably Hollis, Queens’ Stephen A Smith the host of ESPN’s First Take.

However, someone who supports Irving is NBA legend Stephon Marbury and takes a shot at Stephen A Smith.

“It’s sad to hear Stephen A. Smith talk about Kyrie Irving the way how he’s talking about him. Calling him selfish — this man has done so much stuff. For human beings and giving back and trying to help so many different people of all different cultures,” said Marbury.

“This is what happens when you have people like this guy, who’s animated, not realistic about what it is that he speaks and talks about. He played a little bit of basketball, but come on, seriously? You letting this guy talk to you about sports? This guy never got hit in a football game, he never swung a bat, and this is the person who they have speaking and talking about what’s going on in sports? Man, you need to defund his voice.”

After Marbury’s comments hit the airwaves, it did not take long for Smith to respond.

“I’m not going to go off on Stephon Marbury. But I will say that Stephon Marbury has had a problem with me since 2009 because we thought he was a bit bizarre when he was eating vaseline. It’s literally on video, like it was a bunch of cheeseburgers. Like gobbling vaseline, crying, later admitted he was depressed,” said Smith.

Stephon Marbury was somebody that was considered an incredible, tremendous talent, but who had leadership issues. And so it seems more than apropos that he would come to the support of Kyrie Irving… Stephon Marbury had such a problem with my voice than why, you used my voice prominently on your own documentary. The Kid Out of Coney Island that was aired on Netflix. Go look at Stephon Marybury’s documentary and see who is all over it.”

Well, according to Bally Sport’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, Marbury did not ask for Smith to be a part of the doc, it was producers that asked.

“I never asked him or told anyone to get him. Actually, I didn’t tell them who or who not to get. The question could be asked did @StarburyMarbury ask you to be in the doc or did the producers ask?”

Marbury then replied via Twitter stating that he would not ask Smith at ‘gun point’ to be a part of his documentary, and was shocked we he saw him.

“Not at gunpoint would I ask him to be in. I saw the doc 4 the 1st time like everyone else. When I saw him I was shocked. The producers knew better than me in getting him knowing he was a Marbury hater. Sucks for him the plan worked in showing he wants to be down with the real.”

Let’s see if Smith addresses Marbury’s comment on Monday’s episode of First Take.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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