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BigTUPNext Unleashes ‘The GDK Anthem’

BigTUPNext is a man who wears many hats hauling from the Southside of Chicago, home to the 103Wild100s. He is a songwriter, rapper, actor, movie producer, entrepreneur, and investor, who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Earlier this month, BigTUPNext released his new single, “The GDK Anthem,” which is a diss track to the Gangster Disciples, a rival gang in Chicago and specifically, FBG Duck and STL (St Lawrence).

Courtesy of BigTUPNext

According to BigTUPNext, he and FBG Duck have been beefing for years, dating back to 2013.

“There’s a lot of street s*** that I am not going to speak on. We had beef in the streets and he is another Chicago artist,” said BigTUPNext.

“He tried to backdoor me, which means ‘set up’ in Chicago. He spread a rumor on the internet that was not true and put $50K on my head to get taken out, which was false. He did that to troll and then he got smoked and then I dropped a diss record on his a**. This like the third or fourth diss record.”

BigTUPNext has been making music since he was a kid. Music is very therapeutic and allows him to get things off of his chest. He is active in the Drill Music Scene but has focused most of his time in the film industry in California.

The actor and rapper also revealed that the music video to “The GDK Anthem” will be released sometime next month on So, be on the lookout for that next month.

Also, make sure checkout BigTUPNext’s website,

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Written by Byron Nelson

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