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Lakers Anthony Davis Suggests A Verzuz Battle Between His Chefs Courtney Wright And Will Jones

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On Monday evening, Lakers big man Anthony Davis hoped on Instagram Live with his Chefs Chef Courtney Wright and Will Jones, who give insight on what he eats daily. During the conversation, Davis shared that we got a Verzuz between Jones and Wright.

“We got a Verzuz between Chef Courtney Wright and Chef Will Jones.”

Their audience was giving suggestions for things they could make and sparked the idea that they can make dishes from scratch and let the audience decide what they make.

Earlier this year, the NFL partnered with Verzuz for the first-ever Pro Bowl Verzuz.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the players go head to head with their highlights!” said Swizz Beatz. “These guys are icons just like the artists, let’s give them their flowers.” Timbaland added, “Verzuz partnering with the NFL made sense for us with culture, sports and music being so aligned.” 

“Our Social and Influencer programs are centered around developing innovative concepts that help expand the reach of NFL players as well as our game to younger and more casual audiences. This opportunity to connect the NFL Pro Bowl with VERZUZ for the first time is a perfect continuation of our strategy and something we believe both the fans and players will enjoy,” said Tim Ellis, NFL EVP & Chief Marketing Officer. “Through this collaboration, elite Pro Bowl players will get an opportunity to directly engage with fans in real-time in a friendly debate of their career highlights, in an array of diverse categories that will show that our players’ personalities off the field are just as fun and entertaining as their extraordinary talents on the field.”

Earlier this year, on Clubhouse, the creators of Verzuz Timberland and Swizz Beat shared that they are looking to expand the Verzuz platform beyond music, and having chefs compete would be an idea they could explore.

We will have to see moving forward.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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