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Birdman Could Do An Executive Verzuz With Diddy, Dr. Dre, Or Master P, Says Wack 100

Earlier this week, Cash Money Records CEO/co-founder Birdman sat down for an extensive interview with the Big Facts Podcast.

During the 100-minute conversation, the veteran music executive spoke on various topics, including the infamous kiss with Lil Wayne, his past issues with Charlamagne Tha God, and Cash Money rumors.

Birdman talked about how he was responsible for Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne a combined $1.4 billion after landing a deal with Universal Records.

“When Universal gave me a bag, brother, I could honestly say I gave Wayne about $400 to $500 million, Drake got about $500 million and Nicki got about $300, $400 million out of my pocket,” he says in the clip. “No cap. If you don’t believe them, ask ’em.”

Birdman’s interview with Big Facts Podcast sparked the A.D.H.D Room topic called ‘Birdman Says He Accomplished, More In Music Than Diddy & Hov,’ on Clubhouse hosted by Trap Bradshaw on Thursday night.

Wack 100 was on stage, and the conversation could Birdman have an executive Verzuz and hold his own against anybody in the industry.

“I think Birdman, if you ask me, we had this conversation a couple of months ago, which Birdman could do a Verzuz with, and there are only a couple of people playing in that arena, right? So, you got Dre, Puff, and when I say Puff, many people don’t understand Usher; a lot of his early s*** was executive produced by Puff. So, if it is like you touched it, produced it, or where you own it, Puff catalog is m*****f**** crazy. You got to think about all the things he has touched, right?” said Wack.

“Dr. Dre the same way because he got all the Death Row s*** he touched Eminem, 50 Cent, some of the Kendrick that he touched. When it comes to Stunna, because you are talking about the catalog, it’s gotta be someone that can sustain with him. I would love to a Master P vs. Cash Money, but No limit slowed down. So, it must be someone that can run that long-distance run, that’s all this is about because them n**** got hits we can’t take anything away from what they did because all of them have major hits, but how long of a race can they run.”

Last year, Silkk the Shocker was a guest on Heavy on Lakers. Daniel Artest asked why No Limit Records and Cash Money Records never collaborated, being from the same city.

“I think we are closer now than we were back then, but I think both of us were doing our own thing and was not tripping on anything. Being from the same city people expect you to beef, which didn’t happen. Truthfully, I like them, I think there was a time I was at the BET and I got nothing but love and respect, especially for Lil Wayne. He is one of my favorites rappers,” said Silkk the Shocker.

On regretting not collaborating with Cash Money Records, Silkk the Shocker said yes, but with them traveling in the same circle, things could change in the future.

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Written by Landon Buford

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