Luka Doncic & Kristaps Porzingis Could Lethal Comb For 10-15 years, Says Ex Vet

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The 2021-22 NBA season is a month and three days away, and the Dallas Mavericks are looking to improve from their first-round exit against the Los Angeles Clippers in the playoff last season.

For that to happen, it will take both Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis leading the way. Over the last two seasons, Doncic has done almost everything humanly possible to get the Mavericks two in the second round, with Porzingis sidelined due to injury.

Last month, Mavs new head coach Jason Kidd elected to travel to Porzingis’ native country of Latvia to bond with his All-star forward before the season. During Kristaps Porzingis’ exited interview, he voiced his frustration with the organization about his role on the team.

I wanted to see where he lived; that is home for him,” Kidd told Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News. “Beautiful place.

“We always talk about family. But, sometimes, we need to show our care-factor. I care. I wanted to let him know that I care.

“I know that he’s healthy. I know he’s excited. And then I just wanted to talk to him about things basketball-wise as well as off the court. We always talk about basketball, but I wanted to see where he was off the court.

“He’s in a great place.”

Someone excited to see what Doncic and Portzingis can do this season is NBA veteran Jamal Crawford.

“I think it can be explosive and I think they can grow together for the next ten to fifteen years. Obviously, I am a huge Luka fan of the way he plays and the style that he plays. Not only is he out there getting things done to win, but he is exciting to watch and I love watching him,” said Crawford.

Porzingis is still trying to find his second option with the Mavericks, and the Mavs fans will see their full potential.

“I think it takes a little time to get familiar with new surroundings and get comfortable, but once you get your groove you can see how you can really grow there,” Crawford said.

The Mavericks will start the season off on the road against the Atlanta Hawks on October 21st.

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Written by Landon Buford

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